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Medical Qigong

Get stronger, heal pain, have more energy and feel amazing on every level through this ancient system of breath, movement, and awareness called Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”). With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, and Martial Arts, Qigong is for any age and ability. From the young woman who wants pain-free periods to the old man who wants to walk without a cane, there is a practice for you.


Private Healing Sessions

You are in this world for a reason. Your purpose, your dreams, and your magic are yours alone. Every experience you’ve been through, every hurt, every joy, every lesson you’ve learned are all a part of your unique medicine that’s needed in this world. What we do here is clear the fog and connect you with your medicine so you can let go of pain and illness, heal your body and your heart, and step into a life you love.

Welcome to Mind Body Free. I’m Abby Taylor and I help people connect to their inner healer and reclaim their power through.


Abby is a beautiful, old soul, with a very large gift. She brings comfort, peace, and light. I am a very logical person who is not at all gravitated to this sort of stuff… in fact, I would say I am usually very uncomfortable with it. But, after my session with Abby, I felt beautiful, light, healed and grateful. These are words that rarely escape my lips. I will be booking more sessions with Abby, as well as recommending her to all of my friends. Erika

Educator, Speaker, Photographer

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