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1. Book a Free Discovery Call

Schedule a 30-minute call to get clear on where you are, where you’d like to be, and how we can get you there.

2. Transform Your Blocks

Work with me from the comfort of your own home to rapidly transform success blocks, destructive habits, and past traumas.

3. Live A life you LOVE

Step into your authentic power and experience the freedom you deserve.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a multi-award winning therapy which combines the best of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to rapidly get to the core of any issue and transform it at the root level.

RTT creates fast relief and lasting change; resolving most issues in 1-3 sessions.

No medication is used. And if you’ve been prescribed medication for your mental health, you may find (with your doctor) that you no longer need it after our work together.

What can RTT help with?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Past Traumas and PTSD
  • Overwhelming Sadness, Anger, or Fear


  • Addictions
  • Fertility
  • Weight Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Money & Success Blocks
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Relationship issues

How it Works

Permission-based, do-with process
My role is to guide, support and empower you on your journey of transformation. I will help you move through the places where you’ve been stuck, and it will ultimately be your choice to let go of anything no longer serving you.

Connect via Zoom
You get to solve your biggest problems while wearing comfy pants from the convenience of your own home, no travel needed.

Allow up to 2 hours for your session
In this time, you will gain understanding into the cause of your issue, heal it at the root level, and receive your custom recording that will strengthen and support your transformation more and more each day.

You’ll be guided into a state of hypnosis
Hypnosis is a state in which you feel very relaxed yet very aware at the same time. You will still be discerning and in control of yourself, simply more relaxed and tuned into the thoughts, feelings and memories of your subconscious mind.

Gain insight into the cause of your symptoms
From this relaxed state, you will be able to safely review key memories that will give you insight into where and why your issue started.

Your subconscious mind remembers every experience you’ve ever had, and it knows exactly which memories to show you for the greatest insight and healing. 

Transform your issue at the root level
With this awareness, I will support you in letting go of the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are the core of the issue.

Meet your guide

I’m Abigail Moss, I specialize in a multi-award winning therapy that gently, rapidly, and effectively uncovers the underlying cause of an issue and heals it at the root level, leading to immediate relief and continued ongoing recovery. 

I’ve worked with several clients who’ve been diagnosed with mental disorders and told they need ongoing medication for it, to later realize that’s not the case.

In my work, I’ve found all imbalances to be a symptom of an underlying past wound, destructive belief, and pattern that is asking to be addressed and resolved.

Instead of labeling your brilliant mind and covering over symptoms, I believe in healing the underlying issue so you can step into your power and experience the freedom you deserve.

If that sounds like it could be right for you, I’d love to chat.

Your Personal Recording

When we work together, you’ll gain a lot of clarity on yourself and your life. It’s powerful stuff, and it can take time to fully process.

This is where your custom recording comes in. It will affirm and remind you of all the transformations you experienced in your session. And each day you listen to it, your mind will become more and more familiar with thinking in this expansive, empowered way. 


I’m really, really loving listening to the audio meditation. It’s carried me through a dip this week for sure. And I’ve noticed this excitement of speaking my truth. And looking objectively at situations where I know it’s time for me to speak up.

The recording has inspired me to come back to the authenticity of my journey in whatever shape that looks like. Thank you so much for that.

- Deborah

Your session will be powerful.

Your recording will make it last.

Your personalized recording takes you back to your truth. Listen to it for 21 days and watch your life change.

"Our session catapulted me into a new chapter."

I’ve been much better and I’m feeling much more positive about taking control and putting things into action. I’m feeling so thankful right now.

"Truly phenomenal!"

Working with Abby was profound and deeply impactful! She helped me identify the roots of my blocks with very gentle yet direct guidance, allowing me to shift very deep, old pain.

Abby possesses a very specific and powerful skill set that makes what could otherwise be a scary and uncomfortable experience pass with grace and ease. She is a pleasure to work with and very powerful. I would absolutely recommend that anyone looking to make deep and lasting change in their life book with Abby. Truly phenomenal!

Leisia S.

"So empowering!"

“I was surprised by how simple working with Abby was, yet amazed by the incredibly powerful shift! I noticed an immediate difference and I’ve already seen results in how I carry myself in situations that would have triggered me in the past. So empowering! I’m very happy with the tangible results in my life! Thank you so much!”

Marisa G.

"Simply profound."

My experience with Abby was simply profound. I was in awe of how much she was able to gently coax to the surface, and the lightness and ease she brought to the healing process.

The most powerful part was changing my relationship with the things I didn’t like about myself; the deep fears and triggers. I went from not knowing what to do and wanting to escape them to opening a peaceful dialogue with them and releasing them. That in itself is such a GAME CHANGER because I now have the tools and pathways to navigate my life.

Deborah P.

"...beautiful, light, healed and grateful."

Abby is a beautiful, old soul, with a very large gift. She brings comfort, peace, and light. I am a very logical person who is not at all gravitated to this sort of stuff. In fact, I would say I am usually very uncomfortable with it. But, after my session with Abby, I felt beautiful, light, healed and grateful. These are words that rarely escape my lips. I will be booking more sessions with Abby, as well as recommending her to all of my friends.

Erika M.

" ...comfortable in my own skin."

My energy has improved since my session with Abby, and I have been feeling much better. Before my session, I would obsess about my looks and how others saw me. Since my session, I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Abby is very caring and provides a safe, comfortable space. She went the extra mile to stay with me and remove a big block. I’d recommend her to anyone struggling with blocks in their life.

Pamela P.

One RTT Session

30-Minute Discovery Call to define your challenges and goals
1.5 – 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy session
Custom recording to integrate your session
30-Minute follow-up Call

Three RTT Sessions

30-Minute Discovery Call to define your challenges and goals
Three Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions (1.5 – 2 hours each)
Three custom recordings to integrate your sessions
30-Minute follow-up Call

Find Your Peace

Melt stress away with this 16-minute guided meditation to become grounded, centered and clear.

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