the answers are inside you

I help empaths heal and awaken their intuitive gifts.


Let go of what’s blocked you from feeling at home in your mind, body & spirit.


Remember who you truly are and what you came here to do.


Live a soulful, fulfilling life as you share your gifts with the world.

"What you're seeking is seeking you."

– Rumi

“…stable, exponential growth…”

I thought that this kind of learning would take years. It’s been stable, exponential growth in the last six months. All I have to say about this stuff is that it really is the thing that works.

Jessica G.

Healing and Embodiment Coach

Heal Your Nervous System

In this 10-minute video, I guide you inward to gently let go of anxiety, overwhelm, and past traumas so you can have the peace and freedom you deserve.

Welcome, I’m Abby.

I’m so grateful you’re here, because it means you’re on the verge something amazing. 

It means…

  You’re ready to heal. You’re ready let go of what’s been weighing you down, winding you up, and creating chaos in your health, emotional wellbeing, and life. You’re ready to feel at home in your mind, body and spirit.

✓ You know there has to be more, but you don’t quite know WHAT it is or HOW to find it. But this fire inside you tells you to keep looking until you do.

You so want that life that you’ve dared to briefly glimpse in your imagination and you’re ready for support in knocking down the obstacles between you and what your heart desires. 

 You crave freedom, connection & peace.  Your soul is weary and something has to give. It’s time to quit spinning your tires and get aligned with your whole self so you can move forward with clarity, ease & purpose.

“…tangible results in my life…”

I was surprised by how simple working with Abby was, yet amazed by the incredibly powerful shift! I noticed an immediate difference and I’ve already seen results in how I carry myself in situations that would have triggered me in the past. So empowering! I’m very happy with the tangible results in my life! Thank you so much!

Marisa G.

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Taro Reader & Content Creator

“…profound and deeply impactful…”

Working with Abby was profound and deeply impactful! She helped me identify the roots of my blocks with very gentle yet direct guidance, allowing me to shift very deep, old pain.

Abby possesses a very specific and powerful skill set that makes what could otherwise be a scary and uncomfortable experience pass with grace and ease. She is a pleasure to work with and very powerful. I would absolutely recommend that anyone looking to make deep and lasting change in their life book with Abby. Truly phenomenal!

Leisia S.

Shamanic Healer, Medical Qigong Therapist & NLP Coach