Medical Qigong Healing Sessions

I’m Abby Taylor, and I’m here to connect you to the part of yourself that has the answers to your questions.

Not your average energy session. Not your average coaching. Medical Qigong has changed my life, and it can change yours.

MQ healing sessions are a powerful way to mentally, emotionally and physically heal pain, illness, past traumas and old habits that no longer serve you. We’ll work together to uncover and shift the root cause of your symptoms so you can feel better and live the life you’ve dreamed of.


My experience with Abby was simply profound. To summarize it concisely feels impossible! I have worked with many different healers from many different backgrounds, however my session with Abby was one of the most inspiring and transformational sessions I have ever experienced. I was in awe of how much she was able to gently coax to the surface and the lightness and ease she brought to the healing process.

The space Abby helped create to shift deeply held fears and past experiences was just incredible, however the most powerful part of the session for me was how she helped change my relationship with the things I don’t like about myself – the deep fears and triggers and took away the sense of not knowing what to do with them or wanting in escape them and instead opened up a sense of dialogue and a peaceful way of relating to them and releasing them. That in itself was a such a GAME CHANGER for me because from here on I feel as though I have been given the tools and pathways to navigate those areas and times when we feel uncomfortable or off balance.


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Qi Gong Classes

Qi (energy) Gong (skill), pronounced “chee-gong”, is a system of breath, movement, and awareness with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, and Martial Arts. Qi Gong is for any age and ability; from the young woman who wants pain-free periods to the old man who wants to walk without a cane, there is a practice for you.

Abby is a beautiful, old soul, with a very large gift. She brings comfort, peace, and light. I am a very logical person who is not at all gravitated to this sort of stuff… in fact, I would say I am usually very uncomfortable with it. But, after my session with Abby, I felt beautiful, light, healed and grateful. These are words that rarely escape my lips. I will be booking more sessions with Abby, as well as recommending her to all of my friends. Erika

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