Why it’s impossible to be a bad person

Why it’s impossible to be a bad person

Why it’s impossible to be a bad person

There are no bad people, just untrue beliefs. No baby comes into the world ‘bad’ or ‘up to no good.’ Babies arrive to earth bright, open, and in need of love and connection.

 It’s over time that we get imprinted with beliefs about our own worth, other people’s worth, races, sexes, animals, nature, money, relationships…. the list goes on.

We collect beliefs about ourselves and life without even knowing it. To our minds, it’s just the way things are. It becomes our reality, and we end up seeing the world through the filter of our beliefs, even when they cause us pain.

All babies come into the world needing love and connection. Through studying orphanages, we’ve discovered that babies can actually die from a lack of physical touch and affection. It’s essential for a baby’s survival to find connection. And this need for connection remains a part of us as we grow older. Loneliness is estimated to shorten life spans by 15 years.

And yet we get imprinted with beliefs that cut us off from ourselves, each other, and life itself. If I believe others are superior or inferior to me, I cut myself off from them, and from my own heart and soul that craves connection. I may even hold hate in my heart, which is akin to drinking poison each day that I let that hate live inside me.

If I believe the world is unsafe and unkind, I turn away from it and isolate. If I believe that nature is going to screw me over, I turn away from my own nature, and from life itself.

But everything I’ve described comes from a belief, not the essence of a person. Remember that babies come into the world a bright light looking for connection. You are still that bright light, and so is your neighbour, co-worker, friend, family, and even foe. Any conflict between yourself and them doesn’t come from your essence, it comes from your beliefs and their beliefs.

Destructive beliefs get passed down from generations, cultures, fears, and confusion. But they don’t need to continue on that way. Becoming aware of them as individuals and as a society is the first step to becoming free of them.

My job is to help you become free of any beliefs you picked up along the way that are cutting you off from experiencing the depth of connection available to you.

And in becoming free of untrue beliefs, we reconnect, we remember who we are, and we see the magic of life for which we a part of. And that is a profoundly beautiful, healing, and transformative thing.

Abigail Taylor

Abigail works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks, heal and claim their freedom.

You can learn more about her work HERE and book a consult call HERE.

Breathing Exercise for Healing, Digestion, & Sleep

Breathing Exercise for Healing, Digestion, & Sleep

Breathing Exercise for Healing, Digestion, & Sleep

Breathing Exercise for healing, digestion and sleep

Alternate Nostril Breathing will sooth your nervous system, clear your mind, and help you get into a calm, connected and relaxed state. This is a purifying and balancing practice that’s excellent to do before meditating, sleeping, or any time you want to feel more grounded and centered.

Your breath is your life force. It energizes you, heals you, and brings you out of your head and into your body. How you breathe affects your state of mind and entire nervous system. When we’re stressed and overthinking, we breathe shallow from our chest. When we’re grounded and relaxed, we breath deeply into our bellies.

A simple breathing exercise can take you out of ‘fight or flight’ and into ‘rest and digest’ as it calms your mind and activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This is where your body properly digests food and restores itself. It’s where physical healing happens and where your mind feels at ease.

Alternate Nostril Breathing will help you can access deeper states of awareness and it’s a great practice to incorporate before meditating. And focused breathing is in itself a meditation. It’s a way of clearing your thoughts and being in the present moment and in your body.

The video below will show you how to:

  • Fall asleep more easily and restfully.
  • Meditate more easily and access deeper states of awareness.
  • Help your body restore and heal itself.
  • Improve your digestion.
  • Quiet your thoughts.

Practice this exercise daily to strengthen your mental immune system from anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. 

Enjoy! And tell me how it goes for you in the comments!

Abigail Taylor

Abigail works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks and claim their freedom.

You can learn more about her work HERE and book a free discovery call HERE.




Murmurations through Humanity

“A murmuration” my husband said, as we watched starlings move like a wave across our cul-de-sac, gathering food from the spring yards thawing in the morning sun.  “It’s because of how they move together”. 

I can feel the murmurations. I can feel humanity moving together, into isolation, processing, and feeling. The other day I felt fear. Fear in response to a collective threat. More of a threat to our lives as we knew them than to life itself, although many are facing that too.

Our lives are changing, and have changed. Some try to carry on like nothing has happened, but it’s impossible to ignore that our world is different now. We are different now. And how we process this is unique to each of us.

I wasn’t feeling fear before the other day. I looked at the feeling and asked myself, ‘is this mine?’ I cleared my mind and allowed an answer to appear. ‘No’ rise up from inside me, it’s not mine. It was a murmuration. A fear moving through the collective consciousness we share as humans and living creatures on this earth. I can witness this, and let it go.

Murmuration, the unified movement of birds in flight. And a powerful demonstration of energy in motion. You can see how it moves through them like a wave, flowing with a communication beyond words.

Entangled Life

All of life has murmurations. All of life is inherently interconnected. Each cellular, chemical reaction responds to the next. Each thought has an energy. Standing close with someone, you may have noticed the heaviness or lightness of their thoughts. Maybe you felt drawn to their magnetic charm and confidence. Or perhaps you couldn’t get far enough away from their inner turmoil and insecurity.

You’ve likely felt the joy and sorrow of someone love, regardless of where they were in the world. A simple phone call or message brought them right to you. 

Quantum physicists discovered a phenomenon called ‘Quantum Entanglement’. It’s when particles become ‘entangled’ even when separated by a large distance. Meaning they behave as if they are one, regardless of where they are.

We too, are entangled in this web of life. We think, feel and experience both individually and collectively. And so does nature. Nature is made up of intelligent, interconnected systems that work together to support this delicate miracle of life. Regardless of whether we call it universal intelligence, science, evolution, god, neat, or spooky, nature continues on. Giving us nourishment, sunshine on our skin, and fresh air in our lungs. Can you feel the murmurations of life? Have you felt life moving through you like a wave before?

The Illusion of Aloneness

Sometimes it feels like we’re alone in life. Like there are walls between us, separating us from connection and love. Invisible walls that seem impossible to understand, let alone move. But it isn’t impossible. The key to opening them is inside you. It’s not out in the external world, connection and love begins inside of you.

You see, life is never alone. Life in itself, is union. We are the interconnected systems of life. We ARE nature. You are a part of an alive and amazing universe. And any thought that says otherwise; that says you’re not enough, not worthy, not lovable, not free, is untrue. You came into this world enough. You will ALWAYS be enough. Every aspect of nature is enough.

For centuries, humanity feared, fought and tried to dominate nature. And throughout all this we were ultimately fighting ourselves. Fighting the parts of ourselves that felt separate, alone, and scared; the places where we forgot our own nature.

Nature is ever evolving and expanding. YOUR nature is to be ever evolving and expanding. The places where we get stuck and collapse into ourselves are where we forgot who we truly are.

In this moment, humanity is changing. We have been given an opportunity to return to ourselves; to our nature. 

Let’s find our way back together. Let’s listen to the murmurations guiding us home.

May the guided meditation below help you find your way back. It was recorded from one of our weekly online gatherings over at Heart Space❤️ 

Abigail Taylor

Abigail works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks and claim their freedom.

You can learn more about her work HERE and book a consult call HERE.

A Rebel in a Pandemic

A Rebel in a Pandemic

A Rebel in a Pandemic

a self professed rebel

Before we dive into being a rebel in a pandemic, let’s define what it means to be a rebel. A rebel is someone who thrives on non-conformity. They fight back against the injustices of the world and pave their own way forward. They’re fiercely passionate with unwavering stubbornness.

I will admit that I’ve been a rebel most of my life. Since I was 14, I refused to cower to the pain of life. I said a big ‘f*ck you’ to the madness of the world and I fought injustices big and small.

I fought my teachers, I fought my mom, and I fought ‘the way things just are’. And I know it’s easy to look at a pissed-off 14-year-old and think they’re just immature, but the rebel archetype plays an important role in our society.

The Rebel Archetype

Much like the Joker, the Rebel causes us to question the status quo. Refusing to be a sheep,  they have a unique perspective and they’re not afraid to embrace it. They have the courage to go against the grain, and they’re used to being ostracised for refusing to fit in.

Rebels are innovators, visionaries, pot stirrers, and movement makers. They’re free spirits, creative thinkers, and masters of refusing to conform.

As a rebel, odds are you never really fit in. You have a general distrust for rule makers and powerful figures. And the last thing you ever want is to be ordered around. In fact, refusing to be told what to do is kind of your superpower. You would never live your life according to someone else’s values or rules. Conforming to a messed up society goes against everything you stand for. You choose to pave your own way and make this beautiful life YOURS. Not what the media, church, school, government or even your aunt Sally says it should be. No, your life is solely, by right, yours. And knowing this keeps the fire in you alive and burning. 

from one rebel to another

To my rebel brothers and sisters, I see you. I know how frustrating it is to be told what to do. And I know that our society is still pretty messed up. I know that refusing to conform has been your superpower. It’s kept you safe from giving in and giving up. It’s kept you going. And from one rebel to another, I commend you for that. 

And while this has been our superpower, the world is asking something different of us right now. And by the world, I don’t just mean society. NATURE is asking something different of us right now. Nature is asking us to pause, to withdraw, to change. We’ve been going and going and going since the industrial revolution, and it’s been taking a toll on our planet, and quite honestly, on us.

It’s time for change

Humanity has been too busy to pause or reflect for a very long time. We got so caught up in maniacally moving forward that we forgot how to BE. We forgot how to listen to what our heart and soul wanted. We forgot how to listen our Mother Earth. And now, we find ourselves in a forced pause. A forced reflection.

But as a rebel, you may be fighting this. You may be trying to carry on the way you always have. You may be having a hard time accepting what people are saying about putting things on hold and socially isolating. And if so, my question to you is, what are you fighting? Are you fighting a delusional society? Or are you fighting acknowledging this thing because of how incredibly vulnerable that might feel? 


We are all in this together

As much as it hasn’t always felt like it, we ARE all in this together. We all have fragile little human bodies. Being a rebel doesn’t make us immune to this virus, even if we think we’re immune to the rules.

Change is uncomfortable. It’s a form of death and rebirth. A part of us must die to allow a new part of us to be born. And in order to evolve, you need to have enough faith to let yourself feel vulnerable. You need faith to let go of an old part of yourself and embrace the unknown of something new.

You need courage. And my rebel friend, courage is what you are made of. You’ve leaned into the discomfort of being different your whole life. Now it’s time to turn that courage in a new direction. It’s time to let yourself be part of this world. It’s time to let yourself feel vulnerable and remember that you are human too. You are affected by this stuff. And as a part of this world, you have a responsibility to yourself and your community to acknowledge what’s happening.

It will probably hurt. But we’re all here for you. We’re feeling it too. And we’ll get through this together. Introvert style, from the comfort of our own homes.


Note: this message is for those of us with the freedom to choose social isolation. For those who are working in the front lines in grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals and all essential services, THANK YOU. Thank you for your hard work and service. Thank you for taking care of us and keeping our society functioning. You are inspiring and I grateful for you. 

A Message from the Future

Being in Canada, we’ve been gifted the opportunity to look into the future at countries who’ve been where we are now. 

In this video, Italians share messages with their 10-days-ago past selves.


Abigail Taylor

Abigail works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks and claim their freedom.

You can learn more about her work HERE and book a consult call HERE.

How to Navigate Mental Health with Covid-19

How to Navigate Mental Health with Covid-19

How to Navigate Mental Health with Covid-19

Responding to greater world pressures

Climate, politics, and now COVID-19. There’s been a lot going on in the world lately, and as we’re faced with greater pressures, the importance of caring for our mental health couldn’t be higher. And with all of these challenges we face, we’re given an opportunity to learn and grow for the better. Just as the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ means both ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’, now is the time to become stronger and wiser.

  You’ll find a guided hypnotherapy meditation for staying grounded at centered at the end of this post, so read on or scroll to the bottom if you’re keen to get grounded and centered.


The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ uses both the characters DANGER & OPPORTUNITY


You’ve probably noticed between the memes of toilet paper hoarding that there’s been a lot of fear spreading throughout the collective consciousness lately. And you’ve likely felt it rising in you at times too. Which is totally natural and ok. But you don’t have to hang out with fear if it isn’t serving you.  And if you’d like to spend more time with peace and happiness, read on.

Now about fear, it can spread quickly and gain momentum with each person it touches. And while it’s as infectious as a virus, it can easily be treated and overcome.

When your mind perceives a threat, it activates fear, or flight or fight. Which is helpful when you’re running from a lion, but in day to day life, not so much. The good news is, you can train your mind to respond differently to non-lion threats. Your mind is there to serve you, and you get to be in the driver’s seat telling it where to go. 

You have the freedom to choose where you steer your mental and emotional state.


Claiming your driver’s seat involves being in the present moment. Because you don’t want a distracted driver daydreaming about the future when you’re navigating tricky terrain.

And a fast and easy way to get yourself into the here and now is by first breathing deeply, and then asking yourself, ‘is there anything I need to do RIGHT NOW?’ In this very moment, what do you need to do? You definitely need to breathe, you’d run into trouble pretty quickly without your breath. And in this moment, do you need to do anything else?

Is there any immediate threat to you, or are you safe in this moment? Do you have shelter, food and water? Now start noticing how well cared for you are. Appreciate the plumbing, heat, and electricity in your home. Appreciate this goldilocks planet that gives you all the oxygen, sunshine, and nourishment you need.


Notice how fear comes from outside of the present moment. (Unless you’re currently running from a lion. In which case, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?! RUN FASTER!!)

So any time you feel fear, panic, or anxiety encroaching, come back to here and now. Come back to your breath. Breathe deeply and appreciate at least 3 things around you.

Now you may be thinking, ‘that’s all well and good, but I need to worry about this stuff so I can know what to do!’ And if so my question to you is, are you better able to think and move forward from a place of fear and anxiety, or from a place of calm and presence?

When you come back to this moment, you gain the awareness and presence to move forward in a way that feels right for you. Where you get stuck is in your head, and your head lives in the past and future. It’s in this moment where you’re fully alive and present.


And to forge even stronger relationships with your pals peace and happiness, try this guided hypnotherapy meditation. It will help you claim your driver’s seat and bring you into here and now, regardless of what’s happening around you. And as you hang with peace and happiness, you might just find yourself spreading a little more light around the world.

Listen to this recording each day for 21 days, and watch how your life changes.

I would LOVE to hear how this goes for you. Please share in the comments or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Abigail Taylor

Abigail is a Rapid Transformational Therapist based in Calgary, Canada. She works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks and claim their freedom.

You can learn more about her work HERE and book a free consult call HERE, or connect with her via the social links below.