Integrative Healing Coach Training

Discover your true potential as a healer & guide

Advanced training for Mind Body Free Mentorship Graduates

Gain Mastery & Confidence

Live coaching practice & guidance to gain mastery and confidence using a proven framework that transforms lives.

Lead with Heart & Vision

Embody your purpose by shedding the beliefs that kept you small and letting your heart & vision guide you.

Share your GIFTS

No two healers are alike. Understand and nurture your intuitive gifts & share the medicine that only you have.

The world needs your Medicine

So many healers don’t share their gifts. If we lack the confidence, practice and vision, we can get overwhelmed by hidden fears around being worthy and able to walk our path and run a successful healing practice with impact, purpose, and abundance.

These fears hold us back from answering our soul’s calling.
They stop us from both sharing what we’ve learned and up-leveling our skills to where we know we can create consistent results for our clients and in our business. Instead of realizing our true potential, we opt for what our mind believes to be comfortable and safe; the same thing we’ve always done in the past.

We came into this world, at this time, for a reason. And in order to fulfill our deeper purpose, we need to free ourselves of the beliefs that kept us small and hone our gifts so we can truly have the impact we’re destined for. Because this world, at this time, needs your medicine.

“…It unleashed me. I no longer restrict or hide my true self. I now work full-time as an embodiment coach and live in my dream location…”

I knew I was meant to be helping people, but I was stuck in a career that was hurting my soul.
The deep work in the mentorship helped me heal and safely hold wounds that had been buried for years. The process of healing these spaces in myself prepared me for holding that space for others. 
It brought abundance into my life and showed me that when I invest in myself it will return to me in unexpected ways. It unleashed me, I no longer restrict or hide my true self. I now work full-time as an embodiment coach and live in my dream location.
Jessica G.

You're ready to...

Get paid to transform people’s lives. Learn how to consistently help your clients find peace and freedom through a holistic framework that integrates mind, body and spirit.

Create a practice you love for the lifestyle you want. You are unlike anyone else, and your practice should reflect that. Learn how to structure your work and business to align with your highest vision, joy and abundance.

Gain phenomenal confidence as a healer with weekly live coaching practice and personalized feedback and support.

Step into your authentic voice. You know that to fulfill to your true potential, you need to take up space and let your magic be seen and heard. No more hiding or fear of being seen. Learn how to stand out by expressing your truest self with your heart-centered community by your side.

Your IHC Training Includes...

Becoming certified as a Mind Body Free Integrative Healing Coach with a balance of experiential, structured and intuitive learning to support your unique learning style.

Intimate class sizes of up to 8 students with plenty of time to coach, be coached and get immediate, personalized guidance and support.

Weekly group calls over 6 months for stable, exponential growth.

A wealth of coaching resources with demos, worksheets and frameworks that allow you the space to express your intuitive voice.

How to run a successful, soul-aligned business so you can live a life that you love while helping your clients transform theirs.

Easy to use course portal and community hub to connect with your peers and stay up-to-date on your training.


“…it’s completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life…”

From the first class on day one, it felt so profound. So much has changed from who I was six months ago, and I’m so excited to see who I become six months from now. 

I wanted a job that didn’t exist, which I now have clarity on. I know what that is and I know that it’s coming. It’s completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life. It’s been really big. This has been so so special.

Breann S.

Some of the topics we cover...

Strengthening Your Intuitive Gifts

Learn how to weave healing techniques together to create the greatest transformation for each client, based on what they need in that moment.

Advanced Dream Coaching

Help your clients heal deeply rooted subconscious trauma while gaining deep inner wisdom through dream coaching.

Heart & Vision-Driven Marketing to Call in Your Soul Clients

Learn how to work with your vision, intuitive wisdom and proven strategies to build a thriving practice for a life you love.

Creating a Successful, Sustainable & Fulfilling Practice

  • Systems to create time freedom and happy clients.
  • Creating abundance with impact and purpose.
  • Healthy boundaries to help you and your clients thrive.

Shamanic Healing & Hypnotherapy

  • Working holistically with mind, body and spirit to help your clients heal trauma, come into wholeness, and create profound transformation in their lives.
  • Working backwards and forwards with time using regression to help your clients heal the past as well as envision the life they want.

Life Coaching

  • Helping your clients envision and create a life they love.
  • Meeting clients where they’re at in each phase of their lifecycle.
  • Transforming limiting beliefs into freeing realizations.
  • Structuring sessions to set you and your client up for success.

Healing the Root Cause of Any Issue

Learn how to rapidly uncover the root cause and purpose of any symptom and gently shift it at the root level.

Somatic Healing

  • Deepening the mind-body connection.
  • Incorporating Qigong & breathwork to transform mental states and heal the mind and body.
  • Using neuroscience to heal PTSD.

Empowering the Healer

  • Establishing a personal practice for your ongoing wellbeing in mind-body-spirit.
  • Releasing blocks to abundance, being seen, and anything that holds you back from your purpose and joy.
  • Healing yourself and knowing when to reach out for support.

Your teacher

Welcome! I’m Abby, I’m here to support the healing and awakening of life on Earth. 

My background is in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, Plant Medicines, Neuro Linguistic Programming and lifetimes upon lifetimes of being a healer. I believe in working holistically with energy, spirit, mind and body to support our individual and collective awakening happening here on Earth.

I’m here to support the healers. I’m here to support you.

healer, spiritual mentor, medical qigong, breathe

ready to share your gifts?

Beautiful! Let’s hop on a free, no-obligation call so you can ask me any questions you have and we can make sure this is the perfect fit for you.

Then, if you get a YES after checking in with yourself, we’ll confirm your availability for class times and register your spot.


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Breann is an IHC graduate and Intuitive Coach. In this conversation, we unpack her experiences, some of the tools she loved, and how it changed her life.