I support the healing and awakening of life on earth

I’m Abby Moss, founder of Mind Body Free. Here, I help people come to their place of wholeness and purpose. I also run mentorship programs, helping women become the healers and guides they know they are in their hearts.

As a Shaman, Medical Qigong Therapist, and Hypnotherapist, I’m passionate about all things healing and awakening. My journeys have led me to study under Shipibo Shamans in Peru, Yogis in India, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaches in the USA and Daoist Masters in Canada.

Growing up in Canada and now calling Calgary, AB home, nature has always been my solace. It was nature who called me back to myself many years ago through plant medicines. My experiences with the plants and shamans were profound, and they placed me on the path to becoming the healer that I am today. The desire for freedom in my mind, body and spirit drove me to seek deeper answers. And in my search, I found a way back to my true self. 

I believe that within each of us is an original medicine; a set of gifts that only you can share with the world. I know how deeply fulfilling and transformational it is to answer your calling, and that all it takes is the will and some guidance to find your way home. My medicine is being this guide to others.