Heal. Remember your Purpose. Share your Gifts.

Mentorship for Healers, Seekers & Dreamers


This is your safe and sacred space to release the pain and come into wholeness in your mind, body & spirit.


Reconnect with your inner knowing and remember who you truly are and what you’ve come here to do.

Share your gifts

Come into alignment with your true self and share your medicine that is so needed in this world.

Deep down in your bones
Something is calling you
To remember who you truly are
And do what you came here to do

This is for you if...

You know there has to be more, but you don’t quite know WHAT it is or HOW to find it. But this fire inside you tells you to keep looking until you do.

You feel so much. You’re sensitive, like most healers. It gets overwhelming and you crave peace and stability.

You’re different than most people, and it gets lonely. You want to talk about magic, spirit and the fabric of the universe, but you censor yourself so you’re not ‘too much’ for anyone. You crave deep, meaningful connection and a place to be understood.

You’re ready to heal those pieces of your past. You’ve been through a lot. Too much to hold onto any longer. You’re ready for powerful, steady support to peel away the layers that kept you feeling small.

You’re called to do more. You see the world, your friends, and your family in need of support. You know there’s more you can do, you just need the tools, confidence and clarity on what that is for you.

“…stable, exponential growth…”

I thought that this kind of learning would take years. It’s been stable, exponential growth in the last six months. All I have to say about this stuff is that it really is the thing that works.

Jessica G.

Healing and Embodiment Coach

You're being called to REMEMBER

Everything you’re looking for is already inside you. The answers to your biggest questions, your purpose, your spirit are calling you to remember who you truly are.

You have important gifts to share. And there is no one else in this whole world with YOUR original medicine. These unprecedented times are calling you to…

  • Free yourself from past hurts
  • Step into your power
  • Share your gifts with the world

Are you ready to answer the call?

You're ready to...

Uncover the deeper mysteries of life. Experience and come to know your soul’s journey and your connection with everything.

Get crystal clear on who you are and what you came here to do. Imagine waking up each day knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, doing your big work, and feeling totally at home in your life.

Turn your big feelings into a blessing, not a burden. Learn how to regulate and ground yourself as an empath and harness your gifts of heightened awareness.

Connect with your soul tribe who GETS YOU and WANTS to talk about the deep, meaningful and magical stuff. All of you is welcome here.

Empower yourself with freeing, soul enriching tools to transform your life and the lives of those around you. Learn how to overcome any obstacle by working with energy, mind, body and spirit.

Understand what your body, your dreams and the patterns in your life are trying to tell you. And use that awareness to access deeper freedom and magic.

Transform your relationships. With people, money, the universe, and especially yourself. 

This is your journey. I'm here to guide you back to your power, magic and truth

I’m Abby, I’m here to support the healing and awakening of life on Earth. 

My background is in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, Plant Medicines and lifetimes upon lifetimes of being a healer. I believe in working holistically with energy, spirit, mind and body to nurture the unfolding of your true self.

I’m here to support the healers. I’m here to support you.

healer, spiritual mentor, medical qigong, breathe

“…finding my true self…”

Trauma controlled my life on a macro level, which of course I was unable to see. Masked with drugs and low-frequency energy, it was the perfect formula for a parasite that fed on my soul.

This mentorship has brought me consciousness, freedom and a deeper connection with the universe that I never thought was possible. We are all one. To see that and truly feel that leaves me with no words but an abundance of gratitude. I now feel worthy of all the creations in my life as they are now in truth and filled with so much love from source & mama Gaia.

What surprised me was finding my true self. There were SO many layers masking my true divine self. I have changed on a molecular level and to me, that has been the greatest gift. I have ended generational trauma and brought healing for all future generations after I transition, what a blessing.

Lyssa B.

Your mentorship includes...

✓ Weekly live Zoom classes to build massive momentum and experience years and lifetimes worth of growth in just 6 months. 

 Intimate class sizes so you can feel supported, seen and heard. Everyone gets a chance to share and be coached.

✓ Experiential learning through discovery, growth and connection.

✓ Your tribe of like-minded healers to grow and expand with. Our ‘just for us’ community portal is our safe space to connect free of all the social media distractions.

✓ Continue growing at your own pace with a library of shamanic journeys and hypnotherapy recordings that will be available to you indefinitely.

✓ Grow your confidence & receive massive healing with your practice buddy as you help each other expand with new, empowering tools between classes.


For those who want to deeper as a healer…

Your six month mentorship includes the opportunity to continue on for an additional 6 months of deeper learning and practice to equip you with the tools, confidence and clarity to be an exceptional healer and guide. Graduation of the year long program includes an Integrated Healing Coach Certification.

Registration is now open for July

“…it’s completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life…”

From the first class on day one, it felt so profound. So much has changed from who I was six months ago, and I’m so excited to see who I become six months from now. 

I wanted a job that didn’t exist, which I now have clarity on. I know what that is and I know that it’s coming. It’s completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life. It’s been really big. This has been so so special.

Breann S.

Medium and Channel

Breann's Mentorship Experience

Jessica's Mentorship Experience

“…the sessions with Abby changed my life…”

I was looking to move through limiting beliefs and build out my toolbox as a coach in very unique and special ways. But what I gained far exceeded my expectations. 

The breadth and depth of Abby’s knowledge is amazing and her ability to break down topics in meaningful and thoughtful ways has led to so much personal transformation.

The sessions with Abby changed my life. Now I can draw upon what I learned whenever challenges arise.

Erica J.

Am I good enough? Am I worthy? Do I even have gifts to share?

If these thoughts are going through your mind, this podcast episode is for you.

Paranormal Karen Episode

I talk with Karen about all things healing and awakening, as well as more on the Mentorship program.

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