Weather the storm & get stronger by watching that voice in your head.

My healing journey began several years ago when I became hugely disillusioned with life. I felt heartbroken and helpless in fixing all the worlds big, heavy problems. For a long time, I felt devastated about all the hurt out there and I almost let it beat me. I didn’t know how to escape the depression that weighed down on me.

It wasn’t until I sensed that the only way through it was to turn inward and work on myself that things started to change.

I began with 10 days in a Vipassana Meditation Centre, where I learned to observe the patterns of my mind and how they affect my emotional and even physical well-being. I learned to sense the subtler parts of my inner world, going deeper into feeling and experiencing my mind and body. I started becoming an observer of my thoughts, learning to no longer identify with each one as fact but simply as a passing story.

Immersed in a community of healers

Soon after Vipassana, I volunteered as a facilitator and photographer at an Ayahuasca Healing Centre in Peru. I was immersed in a community of healers from around the world, each one offering a unique set of skills. The Shipibo shamans whose ancestors have worked with plant medicines for thousands of years led guests through powerful and profound Ayahuasca ceremonies, while facilitators helped attendees outside of ceremonies with Pranic Healing, Qigong, Yoga, and massage. It was inspiring to see each guest’s transformation and it ignited in me a passion to not only heal myself but to help others heal too.

Transformation happens through
breath, movement & awareness

After Peru, I completed a Yoga Teachers training in India. Nestled among the Himalayan Mountains and Ganges River, I learned a scientific, spiritual, and practical approach to wellness. 

The blend of philosophy, breathwork, meditation, and exercise took things that I had seen as esoteric and made them not only grounded and straightforward but approachable for anyone ready to do the work. 

Through being fully immersed in yoga for a month I could feel the noticeable difference in my mind and body. I felt light, present, calm and balanced. It didn’t take away life’s challenges, but it lifted their weight and created a more joyful way to move through them.

Approaching thoughts, emotions and the body as one interconnected system.

And now, my friends, this leads me here, to Medical Qigong.


Medical Qigong is a form of Chinese Medicine which approaches thoughts, emotions and the physical body as a fully interconnected system. It focuses on treating not only the physical symptoms but also the underlying root cause; the beliefs and experiences we hold in our subconscious minds. Through my work I’ve found that healing the heart and the mind is where true and lasting change happens.

These practices are tools to free your mind, body & spirit. I use them because they work, both for me and for those who work with me. I’m grateful to be on this journey and I’m passionate about helping others to heal and walk their own path.

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