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Is this you?

You’ve always sensed that there was something more out there, and you’ve been searching for it for a long time. You’re intuitive, although you sometimes battle with trusting your intuition. You’ve been feeling called to something big and beautiful, even though you may not yet know just how that will look yet. Or if you do, for some reason you can’t seem to do the things that will get you there. It’s like there’s an invisible wall holding you back from what you want so badly. 

You feel things so strongly. The things your holding onto that feel tight and heavy in your body. And the things that aren’t even yours, those things that other people are carrying. You’re not sure how to manage all these feelings and at times it becomes exhausting.

You’re frustrated and tired of moving in circles. You don’t know where to go from here but you know that you need a change.

You know you have something important to give. You feel a calling deep in your bones. For the sake of yourself and your work, you’re ready for some light to shine the way forward. 

The answers to all of your questions are inside you. They have always been there, like whispers easily drowned out in a busy world. What we do is quiet the noise and make space for your wisdom to be heard. 


I’m here to guide you to your inner healer. To help you let go of the blocks that hold you back and claim your truth. I have worked with healers from all around the world, and they empowered me to go farther, faster. I’ve overcome obstacles and awakened in ways that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible in this lifetime if I were trying to do it all on my own. You don’t have to do it all on your own either.

Get back a part of yourself that was missing as you learn how to let go of the blocks that are holding you back. Your life, your purpose, and your identity all become more and more clear as you peel away the pieces that no longer serve you. You reconnect with your sense of joy, peace, ease and passion.

You can live your life with purpose and fulfillment, and you can feel happy and free while you do it. It doesn’t need to feel so hard anymore.

It’s time to allow yourself to receive. I can see the greatness in you and I’m dedicated to helping you see it too. Because you deserve to be happy, and the world needs the gifts that you’ve come here to share. No one else has a perspective, a medicine, quite like yours. 

Program 1: Awaken

Through this introductory session, you’ll discover what this kind of work can do to help you understand and heal the parts of yourself that are ready for change. If you’re looking to start feeling better and kickstart a big change in your life, then this is the place to begin. 


Program 2: Transform

We’ll work together over three months, with two sessions per month. You’ll receive journeywork between sessions and email access for any questions that come up. Together we’ll chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be. Then we’ll spend the next three months closing that gap. If you’re working with a chronic condition, if you feel lost, or if you’re healing from a big event that’s happened in your life, this program allows us to delve deep into your process of healing and transformation. You will learn how to let go of the past, chart a course for your future, and take the steps to get yourself there. 


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