Is this you?

You’ve always sensed that there was something more out there, and you’ve been searching for a long time. You’re intuitive, although you sometimes battle with trusting your intuition. You’ve been feeling called to do something big and beautiful, but you might not know exactly what that is just yet. Or if you do know, for some reason you can’t seem to do the things that will get you there. It’s like there’s an invisible wall holding you back from what you really want. 

You’re frustrated and tired of moving in circles. You don’t know where to go from here, but you know that you need a change.

You know you have something important to share. You feel a calling deep in your bones. You’re on a journey, and it’s time to let go of what’s too heavy to bring with you. But how do you do that?  You get support. You work with someone who can understand what’s happening and help you find your answers.

The answers to all of your questions are inside you. They’ve always been there, like whispers in a noisy world. What we do is quiet the noise and make space for your wisdom to be heard. 


I’m here to guide you to your inner healer. To help you release whatever’s in the way of you claiming your power. I’ve worked with healers from all around the world, and they’ve empowered me to go farther, faster. I’ve overcome obstacles and awakened in ways that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible in this lifetime if I were trying to do it all on my own. You don’t have to do it all on your own either.

Get back a part of yourself that was missing as you learn how to let go of the blocks that are holding you back. Your life, your purpose, and your identity all become more and more clear as you peel away the pieces that no longer serve you and reconnect with who you really are.

It’s time to be supported. I can see the greatness in you and I’m dedicated to helping you see it too. You deserve to be happy, and the world needs the gifts that you’ve come here to share. No one else has a perspective, or a medicine, quite like yours. 

How does it work?

I’ll draw on many tools in our work together, but the most important one will be deep listening. No one person is quite like any other, and your session won’t be quite like anyone else’s. We’ll focus our time together on what you need, right now. This means that there will be structure, but within that structure will be space to address where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you want to get there.

Some of the tools I may draw on throughout our work together:

– Hypnotherapy
– Neuro Linguistic Programming 
– Shamanic Chinese Medicine
– Somatic Trauma Release Exercises
– Medical Qigong Therapy
– Life Design & Coaching 
– Energy Healing



We’ll work together over 2 months, with two sessions per month for a total of 4 sessions. Together, we’ll clarify your goals and shift the major areas that had been blocking them. We’ll focus on bringing more ease into your life and body with a clearer connection to your inner wisdom. 

This program includes:

– 4 sessions spread out over 2 months
– Email access to me between sessions
– Journeywork between sessions
– Tools to ground, center, and heal yourself

Investment: $600


We’ll work together over 4 months, with two sessions per month for a total of 8 sessions. You’ll receive journeywork between sessions and email access for any questions that may come up. Together, we’ll chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be. Then we’ll spend the next four months closing that gap. If you’re working with a chronic condition, going through a big transition, or simply looking to let go of what’s been holding you back, this program allows us to clear the path so you can move forward. You will learn how to find more ease in your body, reframe the past, and reconnect with your wisdom, passion, and purpose.

This program includes:

– 8 sessions spread out over 4 months
– Email access to me between sessions
– Journeywork between sessions
– Tools to ground, center, and heal yourself

Investment: $900

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