Guys, here’s my sure fire way to piss off your body, and what to do when your body is pissed at you. Maybe don’t take the first half as advice though?

This past week has been a flurry of spring energy in our house. Prepping our garden, transforming a spare bedroom into my new office, and stripping down old wallpaper for a new coat of fresh white paint. There was lots to do to make way for all kinds of new things, and in all the stuff doing I forgot to listen to my body when it said: “hey busy pants, we get that things are exciting but we have other needs to attend to.”

So, as bodies do, it eventually put it’s foot down and I developed a pulled muscle in my back, making it awfully difficult to do much besides nap, snack and sit uncomfortably in chairs. Ok body, you’ve got my attention. I booked an acupuncture appointment, which pulled a bunch of the pain out of my back and helped me get to the about 80% that I’m at today. I delved into my Healing with Whole Foods book and got clearer and more committed to eating foods and portions that will help me to feel energized rather than lethargic. I meditated. I felt sorry for myself (c’mon, I’m human). I got tired of feeling sorry for myself, had a good laugh about it and carried on (turns out that feels way better, who knew?).

I didn’t feel up to my usual movement practice, so instead I did my evening qigong practice simply lying in bed, projecting the healing sounds with my voice and eyes up to the ceiling. No fancy floppy arm movements or bending of backs, just my awareness, breath and intention. And guess what? It worked like a charm. I felt the tension and agitation gradually release and a few minutes later I was off to dreamland. So know that I mean it when I say if you can’t do an exercise sitting or standing, practice lying down. Use your breath and intention and it will eventually get you to the point of sitting, then standing, then to your natural, healthy self.

If you haven’t yet tried my evening practice, you can follow along with the video below. It’s also good to try any time of day that you’d like to relax, center and ground yo’ sweet yourself.

Have a great week, and give yourself some love no matter where you’re at right now.

Thanks for being here! You can find more information about the mind-body healing work that I do HERE and if you have questions about this exercise or anything else you can contact me HERE.